Accurate Fabrication, LLC

Your Complete Metal Fabricating and Laser Processing Center

Abbey Passehl and Cory Soldner do all of our engineering.  Through the use of their dual monitor computers, SolidWorks, AP 100, and AutoCad these two create the programs for our turrets and lasers so we may process steel with the utmost quality and efficiency.  With many years of Metal Fabricating experience between the two, our engineers know what it takes to keep our equipment going so we can keep production running smoothly.

Punch and Laser Processing

Engineering and Production

We have two Turret Punch Presses, one Laser/Punch Press Combo, and one FOM2 Flying Optics flat laser all from Amada America. Here at Accurate Fabrication we process many types and thicknesses of metal; we can handle sheet and plate steel, mild or stainless, up to .500 thick and aluminum up to .250 thick.

After cutting the parts then go to our forming area. Our four Amada brake presses are kept in very good condition. From an inch long bracket to a fourteen foot machine guard, we can form it all.



Some jobs require special hardware inserted into them. Here at Accurate we have five pem machines, all from Penn. We have three 3 ton pem machines and two 6 ton pem machines.

Pem Insertion

Our welding department is state-of-the-art.  We offer manual Mig, Tig, and Spot welding as well as an ABB and OTC 4 station robotic welders.  With 11 welding machines and welders with many years experience, we can weld it.  From the small shelf shown here to a huge display made to hold a motorcycle, our welders, are up to the task.




Our band saw, drill presses, mill, and tube bender allow us to do secondary machining when other companies might have to outsource.

Assembly Line

Our rivet capable assembly line allows us to manufacture in a step-by-step process helping us to deliver top of the line fabrications to our customers.

 60,000 sq. ft. of production area with room for expansion

 1 FO3015M2NT Flying Optic Flat Laser

  1 x 60 x 120 cap.

 2 Amada EMK 3610NT Servo Drive Turrets

 .187 x 60 x 120 cap.

 Tapping and Extrusion tools available

 1 Amada Apelio III 2510 Laser/Turret Combo w/ 2,000 watt laser

 5/16 cutting capability x 48 x 96 cap.

 2 Amada HFE 170-4s Brake Presses w/ 170 ton 14 capacity

 1 Amada HFE 100-3s Brake w/ 100 ton x 10 cap.

 1 Amada HFE 80-25s Brake w/ 80 ton x 8 cap.

 Three 6 ton Penn Engineering Pem Inserters

 Three 3 ton Penn Engineering Pem Inserters

 11 MIG welders, 2 Spot welders, 1 TIG welder, and one ABB Robot welder

 1 OTC 4 Station Robotic Welding Cell

 1 11 GA x 4 Cap. Baileigh Ind. Steel Roller

 1 CNC Vertical Saw

 1 Drill Press, 1 Drill/Tap combo, and 1 Bridge Port Mill

 1 Ercolina CNC Mandrel Tube Bender w/ 2 O.D. cap.

 1 FARO CMM Inspection Arm